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About Us

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Who are we?

Idleminds Lifestyle Brand is a clothing brand designed by creatives, for creatives. Based out of Southern New Jersey and established in 2020, our goal is to connect with creatives around the world, starting with apparel, and branching into other products in the future.

Having an "idle mind" is often seen as a negative in our society; it usually means someone is slacking off or wasting away their precious time. But from our perspective, an idle mind leads to out-of-the-box thinking, and coming up with innovative ideas that could one day change the world! The tagline "Daydreamin' till we're not!" is a play on that idea, that our heads are in the clouds until we finally get that "click" and can create something unimaginable. 

So if you've got creative ideas bursting at the seams, you're not alone - welcome to Idleminds!