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Idleminds Lifestyle - Past, Present, and Future

Hey Idleminders!

I figured I'd write a blog post to give a bit of context to where this all started, and where I hope it can be one day. Enjoy the ride!

To start off, my name is Brandon, just your average black guy born and raised in South Jersey. I've always been interested in the artistic side of things: drawing, painting, photography, music, crafts, and the like. As many of you know, it's a bit more difficult to make a living off your passions, so I fell into a desk job. The monotony would be soul-crushing, but you do what you have to to make a living. Though whenever I could, I'd let my mind run free and I'd come up with stories, sketches, comics, you name it. In one of my daydream sessions, I thought to myself, there must be a ton of people like me, working in a job they hate or in school for something they have no passion for, just dying to get home to work on their side gigs or creative passions. We're just daydreaming until one day when we can live off of our creative pursuits. This was the beginning of Idleminds.

So of course I sketched out some ideas for a logo, a mascot, and some designs for some clothing and figured, why not give it a shot. With the help of my girlfriend Karleigh, we went straight to work. Together we build a bit of a workshop out of my garage to get started, and started pressing shirts to get ready to ship. Starting with a small collection: only a short sleeve, long sleeve, hoodie, and two colors of beanies; but I have plenty of designs in my head ready to go.

As for the future, I have pretty big aspirations. One of the first things I want to do is cultivate a community where creatives can connect and collaborate with each other on different projects to bring their passions to life. Whether you're an artist in need of music production for an animation, or a photographer who could use a logo for their business, whatever it is, you'll be able to reach out to the community to find the perfect creative for you. Now this is will probably take a bit of time, but I'd love to see this come to fruition.

Another plan would be to have an Idleminder Spotlight, where a creative is chosen to broadcast what they're working on to the world. Visibility is one of the toughest obstacles creatives face, and I want to be able to help those struggling to make a name for themselves. 

Well, I think that about sums it up for now. I've got some big plans, cool designs, and high hopes for this company. Thanks to all the love and support from family and friends, and of course to any of you who've joined the Idleminds Family! 

So keep your head up, keep creating, and remember - we're only daydreamin' till we're not!