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3 Ways to Come Up With New Ideas for the New Year!

thinking of ideas

As a creative or entrepreneur, you know it's not always easy generating new ideas for your personal and professional endeavors. We can easily find ourselves stuck in a rut of releasing the same old content, in the same way we always have. So why not switch it up a little bit?

Here are 3 Ways to Start the New Year with New Ideas

  • Revisit Your Old Content with Fresh Eyes
  • Explore and Consume Different Types of Media
  • Don't Forget to Step Away and Take a Break


Let's dive a bit deeper into these to start 2021 on the right foot!


Revisit Your Old Content with Fresh Eyes

If you're anything like me, I'm sure you look at some of your older creations and cringe. I look at my past drawings and sketches and see all of the mistakes sticking out like a sore thumb (but I guess that shows improvement, right?).

Though maybe if we analyze what we've made from a different angle, we can build off that old idea, or construct something new entirely!

A lot of times when we revisit our past, we also come back to the mentality we had at that time - this means that you could even remember some ideas you came up with in that era that you never were able to explore.

So when you're re-watching that dance routine you came up with 5 years ago, you may want to vomit, but maybe there's a couple moves in there you can throw into your next one.


Explore and Consume Different Types of Media

When you're a budding musician, it's a good idea to get inspiration from both your peers, and especially influencers in the music industry, right? Well yes, but don't underestimate the value of exploring new media.

Often we get so sucked into our niche, that we almost tunnel our vision to the point where it hurts our creativity. We need to look outside our box to gather new ideas and mold them back into what we create.

Next time you're hurting for something new to make, try watching a movie, or starting a new show, even playing a video game; you never know what idea will pop into your head!


Don't Forget to Step Away and Take a Break

It's always a good strategy to hustle and bustle, and pump out as much material as you can muster while you can. Although, this very process can lead to us feeling burnt out, and can affect our creative flow.

When we step away from our work, not only do we give our mind some time to refresh, but we can view what we've created with a new perspective. 

"How could I improve the colors on that last piece?", "I really liked the composition of that last picture, I'll tweak it a bit and use it for my next".

Be sure to take a rest, but if you have a game-changing idea, write it down! Once you get back into the flow, you can always take the ideas you came up with in your break and start putting them to work.

lightbulb of ideas

So there you have it, 3 ways to get a jump start on sparking new ideas for 2021. Remember, concocting new content on a regular basis is challenging, and sometimes we'll have a dry spell. That's okay. There's an ebb and flow to the creation process, but if you implement these three key ideas to what you do, you might just find those creative juices flowing more often than not!